We’re a network of marketing experts, coming together in the name of Marketing for All


Kris Marsh

founder, marketing strategist, coffee lover

After 14 years of corporate marketing leadership, Kris was ready for a change. She saw an opportunity to do something other marketing agencies weren’t- helping business owners develop thoughtful, integrated marketing strategy. Sometimes it means taking a step back to help them clarify the vision they have for their business. It always means helping them consider the full marketing process- from planning to launch to offer fulfillment.

When she’s not helping business owners conquer the world, you’ll find Kris at the local coffee shop. She resides in Michigan with her husband, two teenagers, and two dogs. Her kids say their house is “just this side of chaos,” but Kris wouldn’t have it any other way!

Adam Salgat.jpg

Adam Salgat

videographer, podcast producer, community advocate

Adam has a talent for bringing stories and strategy to life. He loves all things audio / visual, filling his days with a mix of video shoots, audio production, photography and graphic design. He believes in leveraging the work he does for clients to its fullest potential- sometimes turning one video clip into a polished video, a compelling podcast, a well structured blog post and engaging social media content before we know what hit us! For Adam, it’s all about maximizing the client’s budget to get them the best results.

When he’s not working as a master storyteller, you can find Adam exploring and sharing the latest events in his community. Adam, his wife and his two daughters call Michigan home. With three girls in the house, he is clearly outnumbered!


Deb Cull

copywriter, editor, inspiring teacher

The only thing Deb loves more than writing is her two grandchildren! She is an accomplished copywriter across industries and mediums, with experience telling the stories of B2B, B2C and non-profit organizations. Deb is a master of breaking complex business information down into simple, organized and clear statements. Her goal is to tell compelling stories that move people to action.

When she’s not drafting the latest client story, you’ll find Deb hanging out with her grandchildren or drumming up support for non-profit organizations in her area. With that contagious smile, you can bet she delivers results!


Kristen Wuerfel

marketer, project leader, creative genius

Nothing makes Kristen more excited than seeing a client’s creative vision come to life! With experience managing marketing programs and teams in higher education, non-profit and B2B sectors, Kristen brings experience that manifests in big ideas. She is committed to bringing budget and objectives together with creative solutions.

When she’s not posing for marketing tactic selfies, you can find Kristen spending time with her husband and three children. We aren’t sure where she gets her endless energy. Our bets are on lots and lots of coffee!

Kristin Squires.jpg

Kristin Squires

media buyer, PR expert, social media guru

With extensive experience in the non-profit, agency and sports entertainment sectors, Kristin knows a thing or two about creating a buzz. She loves all things advertising and social media, and is committed to helping clients amplify their voice and be heard.

When Kristin isn’t spreading the good word, she can be found investing time in her local community. Her commitment to leading professional networks and contributing to non-profit causes have earned her numerous community awards. Kristin is our hero!