Project Spotlight: Kris Marsh Consulting

When our sister company, Kris Marsh Consulting, needed a brand refresh, our team rose to the challenge with a clean website design, compelling copy for a strategic planning brochure and production of a new podcast series.


Clean Website

Design and build a website that visually communicates the clarity that comes from strategic planning and leadership development. And while you’re at it, structure the pages and content in a way that speaks to a mixed audience of family business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate leadership teams. That was the challenge for this website project. Mission accomplished!


Strategy Brochure

Communicate the value proposition of a complex subject in just a few paragraphs. That was our challenge for this strategic planning brochure. We collaborated with AMPM on the creative square design, and completed the piece with compelling copy, images and graphic icons.

Remove Podcast.png

Podcast Series

Find a way to make blog content more accessible to on-the-go business owners. That was the objective of The Entrepreneur Life podcast launch. The podcast was launched on Sound Cloud, with supporting graphics and social media content. We fine tuned the client recorded audio, added episode introductions and capped it off with some energetic intro music!