Project Spotlight: First & Green Celebrations

First & Green Celebrations needed a new website; one that would speak to brides, event planners and family matriarchs. It needed to be visually appealing, quickly answer the questions all visitors have, and include offers compelling enough to convert visitors into prospects and buyers.

First & Green Spotlight.jpg

When Feelings Count

We designed and built a website that moves visitors to take action. With a focus on brides, we spent a great deal of time curating images that read like her dream Pinterest board. But we’ve seen a lot of beautiful websites that don’t convert visitors into buyers. With that in mind, we designed the website architecture and offers to pull visitors through the buying cycle- what they want to know, in what order and what they want to do next.

And, speaking of next, we followed up by designing a six-week email series. The series is beautiful, provides relevant and interesting information for brides, and entices them with even more reasons to choose First & Green as their wedding venue.